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Kevin Drew has been a pivotal figure in North American indie rock since the early aughts. The founder of Broken Social Scene, eastern Canada’s sprawling collective, Drew has banded together with countless Canadian indie rock stalwarts — Metric, Stars, Feist. His record label, Arts & Crafts, endlessly puts out releases from Drew and his collaborators. Pitchfork’s Ryan Dombal calls it “a charming type of interconnected excess.”

With two decades of releases under his belt, Drew excels at tying the threads together. He’s led 6 Broken Social Scene records, authored 2 solo albums, and corralled bands with as many as 23 members at a time. Broken Social Scene still tours and records after 15 years together, a testament to both his skill and his resolve.

Turning to production work, Drew has been collaborating with his luminaries. It’s Decided, a 2015 recording with Andy Kim (who penned “Sugar Sugar” for The Archies decades before Drew’s career even began) finds the two songwriters looking forward together, across a generational divide. In 2016, Drew produced both the Tragically Hip’s Man Machine Poem, and Introduce Yourself, the final record from the group’s frontperson, the late Gord Downie.

“Anthems are made when the vibe is clear for everyone to get out of the way of themselves and honour the melodies that are getting tracked,” says Drew. “I love following the lead, arranging a tune, going outside the box and trusting honest instincts. Creating is one of the greatest aspects we have to making memories and that’s the business we are in….we are in the business of making memories.”

Deeply influential and endlessly multitalented, Drew currently works between Toronto and New York City.

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