Electric Lady Records

Electric Lady Studios has announced the launch of Electric Lady Records, an ongoing series of carefully curated and limited edition vinyl releases. On August 26th, 2015, the newly formed record company teamed with Patti Smith for a live, recorded performance of her landmark debut LP, Horses, which was originally recorded at the facility in 1975. Recordings from the attended, in-studio appearance have been released on 12” 180 gram vinyl as the first offering from Electric Lady Records.

Live At Electric Lady Studios


Patti Smith | Horses

Live at Electric Lady Studios

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“…[for] her hour-long, emotionally captivating performance of Horses in its entirety, the room grew silent…”
Interview Magazine

“…the intimate concert from the peerless rock icon was full of more life, fire and spit than practically any other show I’ve ever seen.”

“[She] wore an Electric Lady T-shirt under her signature black vest and jacket, sound[ing] almost invariably the same as she did on the record…”
Rolling Stone Magazine

“…deep into the record’s three-movement penultimate track “Land”… it became transcendent: Smith stepped off the small stage, onto a couch and shoved the mic into the face of a fan to sing ‘Gloooriaaa’ euphorically before hugging him. The fan was Michael Stipe.”
Rolling Stone Magazine

“Horses” // a feature release of Record Store Day 2016


The Kills

Live at Electric Lady Studios

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Recorded on the 15th anniversary of the band’s first ever performance together.
Playing to a small, invitation-only crowd inside Electric Lady’s Studio A.

“The Kills: Live at Electric Lady”
a feature release of Record Store Day 2018


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