This week, Billy Idol announced the  vinyl rerelease of the multi-platinum ‘Rebel Yell,’ featuring the classic songs “Flesh For Fantasy,” “Eyes Without A Face,” and “Rebel Yell.” Check out an excerpt from an old article from Mix about the recording of the lead single from the album:

“While working in Studio B, Stevens and Forsey heard drummer Thommy Price thumping away with Scandal, who had taken over downstairs. The duo told Idol they should bring him in, so he did. ‘He was fantastic,’ declares Stevens. ‘He was so perfect. I think the first thing he played on was ‘Blue Highway,’ and I was like, “Thank God we found a guy who can do this!”‘

With Price behind the kit, Idol and his team recorded “Rebel Yell,” but the low-key break in the song was left open because nothing had been written for it yet. ‘This was in the early days of combining dance elements with rock ‘n’ roll, so we always built in 32 bars, not knowing exactly what we’d do in the middle of the song,’ explains Stevens. ‘We did that with ‘White Wedding,’ ‘Eyes Without a Face’ and ‘Rebel Yell.’ We gave Billy a cassette, and he’d go home and come back with something, then we’d just make it somehow work.’

‘I waited for Billy to come up with a genius line,’ adds Forsey. ‘He came in and tried singing on that part several times, and nothing happened. Then we moved to another studio downtown, and I gave him a [Shure] 57, no mic stand, and he just wandered around the studio and sang. All of a sudden, “I walk the ward for you, babe” just dropped out right there, and it was fantastic. It was really one of those moments in the studio where you get the chills and the hair stands up on your arms, and you know you’ve got something really good. Of course, the guitar line at the top of that song from Steve Stevens is fantastic. That whole concept was fantastic.'”

Read the original article here, and grab a copy of the reissue here.